About Us

“Who said architecture is only for humans?”

KTRE is love for pets materialized in design and architecture.

Our Purpose

Bring a transformative thought, through our professional experience.

We create a world in which our love for pets is personified in houses, beds, or furniture designed specifically for dogs and cats by an exclusive group of Mexican architects and designers.

Ergonomic and innovative designs, with a deep research to know in depth the safety, functionality, hygiene and comfort needs that cats and dogs deserve.

Our philosophy

KTRE offers products of numbered series , with the purpose to have in your own home a piece that in addition to properly consent your pet, is also an exclusive piece of art which is inserted in a appropriate and harmonious way in your architectural space.

For KTRE the craftsman´s work is synonymous of excellence and prestige. That is why our quality of production defines us as a brand in the intangible world of emotions.



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